Rita Vatcher, LMHC, RPT, Registered Play Therapist

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About Rita Vatcher

About Rita Vatcher

Rita Vatcher provides outpatient therapy to children and families doing:

• Service Coordination
• Evaluations and assessments
• Parent Support and Education
• Positive Parenting and Play Therapy Workshops
• Development of Individualized Service Plans and Multi-Developmental Services

Rita Vatcher was practicing as a Registered Play Therapist with Advocates Community Counseling in Marlborough, MA. Advocates are trauma - informed agency whose mission it is to help people achieve their hopes and dreams within the fabric of their communities.

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Rita with a Group of Women

As a Mental Health Counselor and Registered Play Therapist, Rita Vatcher’s goal is to establish a mutually respectful therapeutic alliance in order to help children, adolescents, and adults, develop resiliency, create positive supports, and build a stronger foundation with which to go forward with their lives.

As a clinician, her emphasis is providing a working clinical formulation, a positive strength-based individualized goal assessment, treatment planning, and record keeping that reflects a strength-based, individualized goal perspective, with cultural sensitivity, and a medical necessity for billable services.

As a competent practitioner of person-centered methods, Rita will focus on empowerment, development of a positive profile, goal setting, building positive supports, and recovery planning.

All interventions are theoretically sound using an Adlerian, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment, Trauma-Informed approaches as appropriate to the child’s needs. They are all evidenced-based interventions ranging from art therapy, sand tray, drama, mindfulness, and many more. We work on problem solving, coping skills, emotion identification, emotion regulation, social skills, visualization, finding successful solutions, clarifying means of achieving them with validation and positive outlooks.

Advocate for Outpatient Care in the Community

This is one of three videos created to promote the importance of outpatient services in the community. We are seeing a rise in bullying in our schools, opioid use among young people, and more anxiety in our children than ever before. Community mental health care can be a friend to families, parents, children, and adolescents  who seek a way to cope with increasing stressors in their environment. Outpatient providers teach individuals ways to be resilient and to give them the coping "toolbox" of skills to improve their sense of well being.